Elder Masulonis

Elder Masulonis

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Nov 29, 2011

Sounds like you guys had an awesome thanksgiving, and yes, i did stuff my face. We were able to have thanksgiving with two different groups of people that were in the ward. The first was the turner family. They are great and faithfull members of the church. They are an older couple and have children of their own, but they have us over so much and treat us so nicely, that you would think that they were our grandparents. The other group of people was at a members house named the Ceases. They have kids that are in the youth and they are uplifting. Its nice to talk to the youth, I really enjot it... ;) 
Today, is obviously preperation day, and every preperation day, we go to play tennis in the mornings with brother Cease and his son and one of my favorite members, brother Crenshaw.( BTW I'm slowly getting better at tennis also) but today, it rained so we were un able to play. 
Right now, the mission is kinda going slow in more ways than one. Right now time is wierd cuz days seem like weeks and weeks seem like days. Its hard to explain and doesnt really make sense, but thats the best way I can describe it. But another way it is being slow is by the work itself. Right now we are meeting with one person regularly. He is a miricle to have but I feel like I want to teach people the gospel so much more. I think the desires in my head are showing up in my dreams cuz last night I dreamed about contacting someone that was really interested in what we had to say.
Thats so awesome that our family is doing so well, i would tell you to tell them good job on the descisions they are making, but im sure that the lord is blessing them in more personal ways than what i can tell them.
So this week was my very first exchange. I went with an Elder whos name is Elder Worthen. Elder Worthen is my grandpa in the mission. Meaning he is my trainers trainer. Anyway, he is very experienced and has alot of insight in his life. We went to a tiny little place called Harkers Island. And if you look it up, I'm sure you could find some pretty interesting history about it. Anyway, on the exchange, I was able to see a greater and more personal example of what kind of missionary I want to be like.
Yesterday, Sunday, someone said something that stood out to me and will probably help me make good descisions the rest of my life. It was about missionary work, and if I was at home I would probably just blow it off. But I hope this is not what you folks at home will do. But before I go on, let me bring to remeberence that everyone knows someone that is a none member or someone that struggles excluding themselves. So with that in mind, the thing that stood out to me that might be hard to accept is that the missionaies are for the ward, not the ward for the missionaries. Meaning that the ward members should use the missionaries as a tool for them to share the gospel more than the missionaries use the ward to share the gospel. Think about it, missionaries are 19-24 yr olds (usually) that are in an unfamiliar place. They havent lived there their whole lives and don't know the area as well as the members. So to who ever reads this I challenge you to pray and ask god who you should specifically help bring closer to christ, and then invite them to come unto christ. Whether that is by bringing them to church or family home evening, or yes, even invite them to be taught by the full-time missionaries. I know that as you do the lords work, your efforts will not go unnoticed. Your father in heaven will bless you with an abundance of his spirit and help in a specific way you ask for and/or need.
I don't mean to sound forcefull, but this is the Lords work. It has blessed me in so many ways in my life. as I turn and look towards Christ metaphorically, I am able to be healed and relieved. I hope that others can have the same heppiness that  I have been blessed to have.
mom thanks for sending me all that you do. i love you and the family and cant wait to see you again :)
Kent (Elder Masulonis) 

Monday, November 21, 2011

Nov 21, 2011

Email from Kent. In it he is answering questions and responding to a letter sent to him.
Woww-e, that does sound like an eventfull week! Thats great that Jessi is doing much better. It seems like she is taking more initiative for herself. So what are you going to do with the Buick? 
Well, the weather hasnt changed very much here. Its wierd though, because sometimes when there is a day when it actually is cold, it feels alot colder than it is, specially when there is a breeze. Even though it isnt very cold right now, I could deffinatlely see it getting very cold. 
Ok so shame on me, cuz I havent really been taking alot of pictures. But I will try harder this up coming week and see what I cando to send some pictures next week.
Yikes, thats sorta scary, I bet daisy wasnt even expecting it at all. It kinda makes me laugh though hahaha.
If you could make sure that people know where to send stuff and how to get a hold of me, that would be great especially cuz its kinda a pain to retell everyone. Also tell people about the blog that is being set up. I'm sure that it is great and people would like to see it.
I wish I could see the blog that you guys are putting up, but my internet use is very limited. Baically email, lds.org and mormon.org are about the extent of things.

Some things that ive been thinking about for my christmas list are, a bottle of spontanious combustion, some really awsome ties, maybe a tie buddy ( ask jamin waht it is.) maybe a blanket or pillow case from home, LETTERS FROM EVERYONE. Jonathans address, some sweet basketball shorts, maybe a basketball, maybe an electric shaver, mints, candy. These are just some ideas.
The local food is pretty much that same as back at home. I hvent really had alot of sea food, or anything new... accept for hush puppies... the place that i had hush puppies for the first time was great. The people in the ward here are really nice and great strong members of the church. They suprise me in their strength in the gospel. The people in general though are fairly difficult. Probably not any different from anywhere else though. There are alot of churches here and people are pretty satified with what they have and aren't really open to new ideas. I hope as I get more use to being a missionary, I will learn new skills that will help me communicate what I know to be true better. 

Thank you for sending a good sized email :) I loved it! btw how did talking with ben go? was my last eamil of any value?
Mom I love you and our family, Im doing what I can to make Elder Kent Masulonis

Thursday, November 17, 2011


I am adding a place on the blog "current addresses". It will always be on the front page and it will be addressed where you will be able to send letters and boxes to Kent. It's not real pretty (working on that). Right now the mission pres. has instructed those wishing to send boxes during the holiday season send to send them directly to the missionary using the priority post office boxes as they get to them the best. Durring the holiday season letters and boxes should be sent to his local address, but letters can still be sent to the mission home address.

Thanks for all your Love and support

Monday, November 14, 2011

Nov, 14 2011

This post from Kent is mostly answers to questions and comments that I (Lyn) had written him in a previous letter. Please take note that he wants more letters from extended family:)!!
thats super funny that you found some of my socks in weird places. i bet dad really likes em. i really did. they are good quality socks lol
ya we heard about those missionaries... we pray for them and their families allot. we also are very careful on riding our bikes. especially now. last night it got dark at like 5:45. its crazy. anyway, ya, we are doing our best to stay safe. and thanks for the prayers. i have been praying for you guys back at home too.
that accident sounds pretty bad! how is randy? were they wearing their seat belts? how fast were they going? was there allot of blood? what parts had to be replaced? anyway, im glad that we gave gary that car. we have used it up pretty well hahaha. btw you should either tell me how the extended family is going or to tell them to write me. i would love to hear from them. wow that sounds pretty needy and demanding.
well, your right, there isn't alot that you could send me for christmas hahaha. maybe some pictures of the family? or of the weather there. um a blanket? idk just be creative until i can think of anything else. maybe you could just get me stuff and it will be like two christmases when i get home lol jk.
mom, its so nice to be able to focus on the gospel. even though i dont see it all the time, i am really understanding the gospel better and better. i pray a lot that i can speak better. i seem to have to think a lot before i saw anything. even if its at the place i live. my companion is a real jokester. i think it frustrates him though that i havent gotten everything yet though. i pray that he can have patience with me. today i tried to think of him more than myself and a lot of things have been going better. we are fairly different people, but i know that the lord did not mess up on putting us together. god is watching over all of his children and is aware of each of them. mom i just want you to know that it means a lot to me when you said that you are proud of me. i hope i can bring honor to you and the family name. i will pray for comfort for you. i love you mom. and im so happy that you are my mom. i love you.
sincerely kent

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Nov 3, 2011 From Mission Pres.

We received this letter from Kent's Mission Pres. Today:

Dear Brother and Sister Masulonis,
Sister Cottrell and I are very pleased to welcome your son, Elder Masulonis, to the North Carolina Raleigh Mission. As we spent time with him in the mission home and in orientation meetings, we felt his warm and humble spirit. He have been assigned to the Kinston Zone of the mission, serving in Morehead City, North Carolina. His companion is Elder Loftin from Spanish Fork, UT. We encourage you to write positieve, uplifting letters to your missionary every week. These letters will give him the support and strength he will need in this challenging, but rewarding work.

Occasionally, family members and friends of your missionary will be in North Carolina for different reasons. We ask that they do not visit him or request permission to visit him as it would be disruptive and difficult on the missionary.

Sister Cotterell and I know that this is the work of the Lord. W love the missionaries and are grateful to be able to work with your son.

With Love,
Dirk A. Cotterell, President.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Nov 7, 2011

So i assume that she told you about the couple that Pres. Cotterell and i sat next to and talked to? Well I later found out that they are taking the discussions where they live. Pres. Cotterell is really good at missionary work. He just sat next to them and really connected with them. I talked about the book of mormon, why i was serving a mission and my testimony but Pres. Cotterell would tell you I did a lot more. I think he would just be trying to be nice. The important thing though was that we were there when the lord needed us.
So far im learning on how the work is really done around here. Its one thing to do missionary work with fake investigators in the MTC, but its a whole new ball park when I'm talking to real people and am on their doorstep. I can see a lot of room for improvement between Elder Loftin and myself. We are no means perfect Right now I'm specifically studying on how I teach by the spirit. In the MTC we did an exercise that we taught our companions, but we could only speak when we really thought that the spirit was telling us what to say-so there was a lot of silence. But that was when I feel the person I was teaching really connected with me the most. Out here though, Elder Loftin does most of the talking which is weird to me because in the MTC, I did almost all of the talking between my companion and I in lessons. I'm trying not to think on what to say next, but to listen, and to be lead by the spirit.
I actually dont know how it would be best to send vids. And tell randy that I am proud of him for making decisions now to get active instead of later when it doesn't really matter as much. If I could do my childhood again, I would definitely just do more things, especially with more people. Live life to the fullest, no regrets.
I challenge you guys to maybe have a family home evening on the parable of the talents I think it is. This will help explain what I'm talking about. I think that the talk you found was precious to you and instead of just building your knowledge, God gave that to you for you and others around you. But i think you already know that. Not only are we supposed to increase our talents we actually can see, we are supposed to find new ones, and build off of what we have. When we do our part, we will be more worthy of Gods blessings.
Yes its fine if you do that picture thing.
Im not sure what the best way to send anything is, sorry hahaha. maybe you could ask Pres. Cotterell.
Oh hey, i also dont want to forget to ask if you guys know where Johnathan lives. if you do, let me know where so i can visit him.
Oh before I forget, last night we had a voice-mail from Pres. Cotterell saying that anything for christmas, should be sent to my address which is 1006 Lake N Shore Morehead City, 28557. This is so the mission office doesn't get over run by packages, and letters and stuff. Also, we were told to tell you and those back at home to only send packages that are official, like that one you sent me was absolutely perfect. Cuz sometimes, even though a cardboard box is taped nicely, and would seem fine, sometimes they wont forward it to me for some reason. I know it seems dumb but that what they told us basically.
So, heres a story about something thats already happened on my mission. So today, Elder Loftin and I were biking to an area to knock on some doors when we came to a turn in the road, it was about a 90 degree turn. The road wasn't busy and I saw it sign that said, 15 MPH around the corner.
Well, I knew that I could go faster than 15MPH on my bike, and I could make sure I did with my computer that's on my bike. So I said to Elder Loftin, "want to break the law" (jokingly). He said yeah and kinda laughed. So I sped up to about 18 mhp, and once I hit the turn I realized that I wouldn't be able to make the turn and I hit my back brakes which caused my back tire ( which i found to be pretty smooth from using it at home) to slide out from behind me, which caused me to loose control and and crash on the side of the road where i broke my shin. jk:)
I tucked and rolled to a stop. it didn't hurt very much, but it was pretty humbling hahaha. This caused my handlebars to come loose and I couldnt ride my bike. Luckily enough we were near the bishops house where he had just the right tools to fix my bike and give me a brake from walking my bike to his house. Even though I didn't get hurt, I got the message that God was trying to send me about being exactly obedient. Because I am pretty sure I would have been able to make it around the corner if I was going just a few MPH slower and being obedient to the law.
As I've been typing this story down, I've come to realize how applicable this somewhat entertaining story can be to life. When we are disobedient to the laws that God has given us, our lives get figuratively out of control and we dont get to enjoy some of the pleasures we did before. In my biking experience I wasn't able to enjoy the pleasure of riding my bike because the handle bars got loosened. Luckily enough, we to know where to find help. Our savior can help us with exactly the correct tools and give us some rest. The key is, that just how I had to walk my bike to the bishops house, we have to come to Jesus Christ. I know that through the power of the atonement, we can become better and change to be what our Heavenly Father wants us to be. When we choose to be disobedient, we must pay the consequences. But we can always have hope in our savior jesus christ. He has lived in a fallen world like we have. He knows the pains that we go through and struggle with.
But the main point is, is that he lives and he is there. "Come now, and let us reason together, saith the lord: though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool." I know to, like others, that MY REDEEMER, LIVES!
love your son and missionary Elder Kent Wayne Masulonis

Nov 2, 2011 From Mission Pres. Wife

Dear families of missionaries in the North Carolina Raleigh Mission,
We are thrilled to have welcomed your missionary to our mission! We received 13 new missionaries so it has been a very exciting time!
After they all arrived on Monday we took them to the mission home for dinner, interviews with President Cotterell, a testimony meeting and dessert. After that everyone was ready for bed. They slept in the basement here at the mission home.
After breakfast on Tuesday morning, all of the missionaries were taken to the mission office to meet the office staff and to be oriented in some of the things they need to know to be a missionary. From there everyone returned to the mission home to meet their trainers. This is a wonderful experience for them to meet the missionary who has been specially picked to train them and to set the course for them to have a successful mission. Everyone had pictures taken with President Cotterell and I, and then with their trainer. They learned about the new 12 week training for new missionaries and then I fed them lunch. After this we were ready to go to the Raleigh Stake Center for the transfer meeting.
Our transfer meeting began at the Stake Center at 1:30pm. At this meeting all of the missionaries in the mission who are being transferred (about 1/4 of the mission this time) come to find out where they are going. They then leave for their new areas. Many of our new missionaries asked me what they would be doing when they got to their area on Tuesday night. I assured them that they would get right to work with either teaching appointments or contacting.
It is a pleasure to serve with your missionary. We felt a great strength from each one of them and we look forward to getting to know them individually, working and learning with them.
These are the missionaries, their companions and the area they are assigned to:
Elder Belliston serving with Elder Barbano of Murray, UT in Sanford
Elder Bentley serving with Elder Rice of Caldwell, ID in Jacksonville
Elder Bowes serving with Elder Hunsaker of El Dorado Hills, CA in Clinton
Elder Caldwell serving with Elder Johnson of Flagstaff, AZ in Henderson
Elder Fry serving with Elder Reimann of West Valley City, UT in Raleigh
Elder Hewlett serving with Elder Koplin of West Jordan, UT in Holly Springs
Elder Jenkins serving with Elder Latta of West Jordan, UT in Hope Mills
Elder Masulonis serving with Elder Loftin of Spanish Fork, UT in Morehead City
Elder Peck serving with Elder Schank of Kaysville, UT in Greenville
Elder Spencer serving with Elder Shirrod of Mesa, AZ in Fayetteville
Elder Tesch serving with Elder Brewer of Draper, UT in Smithfield
Elder Tschaggeny serving with Elder Grossman of St. George, UT in Raleigh
Elder Warner serving with Elder Compton of Salem, UT in Smithfield
Your missionary will fill in more details in their next email to you. Our preparation days are on Monday. They will look forward to an email from you at that time. They will use the same "myldsmail.net" address that they used in the MTC. Emailing privileges are for family only. Missionaries have a limited time to read and respond to emails. Be aware that most use computers at the public libraries. On holidays those libraries are usually closed so the missionaries aren’t able to email until Tuesday of that week. We encourage you to write uplifting and positive letters that will help them to keep focused on the important work they are doing here.
All other mail should come through the US Postal system and be mailed to the mission office using this address:
Missionary’s Full Name (we have several with the same last name)
North Carolina Raleigh Mission
6508 Falls of Neuse
Suite 100
Raleigh, NC 27615
The day the mail is received it is forwarded on to your missionary. This can only be done if the mail is sent by First Class, Priority or Express mail. If you choose to use UPS, Federal Express or parcel post mail it cannot be forwarded. Those items will get to your missionary, but they must wait at the office until someone travels to your missionary, which could be 3-6 weeks.
Once again, it is a pleasure serving the Lord in the North Carolina Raleigh Mission with your missionary.
With love,
Sister Cotterell
North Carolina Raleigh Mission

Oct 25, 2011

Alright so i dont have a lot of time so ill keep it quick and to the point. I will be leaving the MTC on the early morning of halloween, so the 31st. and when i leave, i will be able to call home for a little bit. So if i do call, it will be between 4 and 5 in the morning.
The number i will be calling is 12082010268 or 12082010269. so you or dads number
The MTC is great and im trying to learn a lot as there are many learning experiences. I want to know everything about home, so i hope to hear from you soon, and if its not too much trouble, try to get other people to write me too;)