Elder Masulonis

Elder Masulonis

Saturday, August 25, 2012

June 19, 2012

Dear mom, 
This week has been pretty crazy. Dont worry, I'm fine. All is well, all is well. I love you mom. An older couple told us as we were speaking with them that we were going to hell and that they knew that the Book of Mormon wasnt true and they didn't need to read it to know it wasnt... interesting. That ended up to be a huge motivation for me to work and testify even harder. We were confronted by a kid who stopped his van right in the middle of the street and he tried to convert us. We asked him if he knew anything about the Book of Mormon, and he said that he knew it wasn't true. We then found out that he hadn't read nor prayed to know if it was true,.. typical. We tried to help him out, but we will see what happens. I met with johnathan. I'll let dad tell you more about that and my feelings towards what happened. I have seen alot of growth in this area. We usually only find 2-3 new investigators on a really good week, but this week we found 5. so we have been very blessed. It just goes to show that were much is required, much is given. and the other way around, where much is given, much is required. I have eaten all of the pink butter you have sent me, it is so stinking good. I think im addicted to it. Its good to hear that Randy got a new email. I am super excited to hear from him. Although, that means that that might be not as good for you because that just makes one more person I need to write to and less time to write you. I love you mom. Is there anything you want me to send to you?

-love Elder Masulonis.

June 4, 21012

Dear mom,
It is always so awesome to hear from you! I love you so much! I dont know about being a great leader or not, but thank you. I look back on the companionship that I had with Elder Johnson and thank the Lord for being able to be around the influence of such an amazing person. So to am I forever grateful that God blessed me with such a great set of parents and a wonderful family. And by the way, that is so neat that you are making the quilt. I bet you have alot of jeans. hahaha. How did you hide them all? I never really saw them I dont think. It sounds like a real feat to accomplish. I'm excited to see it though:) As for the story of the Jaredites crossing the waters, that too is one of my favorites. I love that one becasue the whole story is so relevent to my life. It relates very well. I also really like the story of how they got the light. Im not going to lie, this last week has really pushed and streched me. We worked really hard and i felt the spirit often. Its interesting to me that our spirits are really like our bodies, because when we do more physical work, we then become more hungry, but now that I had been in the possition of working really spiritually hard I have had the need of spiritual food more and more, and it is such a blessing. because who so shall hunger and thirst after righteousness shall be filled. I love you mom. So you know how I said that I often have the spirit give me themes of things to learn? Well it seems that the spirit is trying to reteach me something. (must be really important.) I say that because of the strong feelings I have had about this subject. That subject being love and charity. I was thinking this morning of how thats one of the main things I want to look for in a wife. Before I got to NC an apostle (maybe you can guess who) told us to decide now what you want in a spouse. So when you get home and are confused about everything you can still have some direction in such an important decision. So I have done so. I have made a couple of pages of what i hope for that special daughter of god. But one of the most vital things I will look for in her is the amount of charity she has and how loving she is. It seems like this is a common trait in women but it is such a requirement for me to have a companion to be ultra loving. Its really interesting. When I think of the savior and the charateristics he has, the first one that comes to mind is his love for the father and us, and the more we become like him, the more love we will have rooted in our hearts. When I talk about love, I dont mean, fake passion or meerly wanting to have a desire to love, but an actual deep compassion and devotion from the inner heart for God and others. When we become like Jesus Christ, we will gain this love. It is a difficult trait to recieve, but it is worth it. Our level of love and compassion for others is directly connected to our level of happiness. God has great joy, and as we feel the spirit and are changed to become more like him, we too will undoubtedly become more happy. We will smile. Other people will truely desire to be with us because of how they feel when they are around us, especially if they feel the spirit when we are near. The gospel is all about joy. Being really happy. Through the atonement, and in eternities, its all roses. I wish I cold say how my heart feels about this right now, and I wish that I can obtain more of this love from God. I hope the same for you and those within your circle of influence. I love you so much mom. God loves you and I. He loves us and all the people that we will ever meet. I plead to seek this love and cling to the spirit. I hope this makes your day.

Man I just get into the gospel and then I realize I have to transfer my thought from being spiritual to things that are not as eternal and more temporal. Like for instance, how is Randy doing? When on earth is he going to get an email address? I WANT TO EMAIL HIM! Im way excited for that. I hope he writes often and I hope its not like he must write because its an assignment. But from the sounds of things that wouldnt be so bad because he is getting good grades. Also, man, I really want to get the rest of dads conversion story. also, that pink butter was super amazing if you know what i mean. wow, someone, reading this would probably think, (what a needy guy! all you needs!) I also have an underlying purpose to get mail. we are doing baseball with mail. different forms of mail count for different kinds of hits. and the person who has the most points by the end of the transfer wins. Right now I am at 3 points. and I hope to beat someone that is writing a girl that writes him every week. so... hope to hear from you soon hahahaha.

love Kent
This is a picture of a family of the ward. I thought it was a good picture and thought that someone back at home would like it.

May 29, 2012

Dear mom,
Today is the beginning of a new transfer and am still in Knightdale, but i have a new companion. I feel like this transfer will be a great one. Dont get me wrong, I sincerely love elder Edwards, but now with my new companion, Elder Stauffer, I have already seen many of the difficulties I had with Elder Edwards vanish. I feel like we are very similar. I have only spent a few hours with him and we have seemed to click together well. We have very similar back grounds. Before his mission he worked at Ticanos ( kinda like Gringos but better) he loves Julian Smith and transformers, he likes sports but isnt crazy passionate about them. Oh one more thing about him, so he has only been out for a few months so I am kinda in the follow-up trainer position. This made me a little nervous because in the mission there is a saying that is very often true which is you either struggle with your trainer or follow-up trainer. And as we were talking in the car I got to have an idea of how his past companion was, and from the sounds of it, it was a struggle, so that is somewhat of a sign to me that this will be a great transfer/companionship. I am going to try and love my heart out to him and this area. So, that's the most eventfull thing that has happened in a while. Something else that is happening right now is that we are currently teaching a guy named Alphonso. I dont know if I have ever told you this before, but it is very nice to recieve the blessing from God of solid people to teach. The first time we met with him, he already was looking for a change in his life. He has many challenges to face like, co-habbitation ( living with someone you arent married to.) smoking, and a few other things. In our second visit, we asked if he thought that Joseph Smith was a true prophet, and he said, ya know, I've prayed about it after I read some in the book of mormon, and yeah I really think that this is real. He said several times later that he really believes that Joseph Smith is a true prophet. I really really really hope that things will comtinue how they are going. So right now, things are looking great in knightdale.

By the way, HAPPY BIRTHDAY RANDY!!!! well, I guess this wont get to you untill later, but I hope you still feel special. I bet you are way excited for summer. I'm way excited for you to get an email that way we can talk all the time. I love you.

Things are warming up here. We are often times jumping in between 85 and 90. I'm nervous for the summer we the heat really comes.

I love you and hope to hear from you soon.

-Love Elder Masulonis