Elder Masulonis

Elder Masulonis

Saturday, January 26, 2013


JAN 20,2013

Dear MOM,

i love you so, so, so, much! i dont know what it is, but you have this tendency to be able to touch my heart even though the most simple things you say. like the ending of your email, when you reminded me about how everything that i will go through will be for my experience and good. that really touched me even though it was something that i already knew. in fact, its something that i tell investigators all the time. see mom, i did learn something from you;) things are a struggle right now, and i often focous on the burden more than the blessing. that being said, i am anxiously anticipationg transfers which are comming up. they will be the first week of February. im anxious because that will be the time when i find out how long thhis particular struggle will last. it a change happens this transfer, it could be really good. but if not, then i will have this struggle for another 6 weeks. we will just have to see what god has in store. if you havent read this talk , read it. its called mountains to climb. its one of my favorites. its from president henry b eyring. . i love you.

all of what i have just said in mind, we had a great week numbers wise. infact probably one of the best weeks i have had. the reason being, we had 4 baptisms. and that really neat thing was that i was able to do do two of the baptisms. and there is an ironic thing about the ages of the people i baptized. one was 13 and the other was 8. so one was the age that randy is, and the other is the age of the primary children that i taught. what do ya know. ill make sure to put on some pictures for ya.

this morning i finished helaman chapter 1. so i guess that means that you and randy will have to put the peddal to the metal. although, it sounds like you are recieving alot of revelation and inspirtaion read just where your at. i really liked your (Big picture thought) i agreee with everything you said. its probably pretty wierd to talk about, but i love to talk about that kind of stuff.

i love you so much. i cant wait to come back from after my 5 year leave. ;)