Elder Masulonis

Elder Masulonis

Monday, August 26, 2013

August 26th 2013 Pics

August 26, 2013

There are a few other things that i think i need to tell you... im not sure... but i wanted to tell you about this experience i had the other day. with this experience, i have to say that i have never in my life felt so much like the minority for such a long time in my life. Elder Brimley and i were going to contact some referrals we got and as we were riding our bikes down this neighborhood, i was realizing more and more that people started starring at us more and there were more and more Black people. so we kept of going and people were yelling stuff like, " hey white boys!" or "hey look! its the white boys!" i was baffled. i was like what in tarnation! this is crazy. well, ask we continued biking down the neighborhood, we heard some loud speakers playing and saw some smoke. once we got closer, we saw a huge block party. and everyone there but elder Brimley and i was black. there must have been a few hundered people there. it was crazy. and im not being racist or descrimanatory or anything, but that experience helped me see that the culture of white people and the culture of black people are different. nothing bad happened, but i have to say that for some reason i felt a little uncomfortable. they gave us some hotdogs and chicken though, that was nice of them. i wonder if that what balck people feel like in Idaho. :)
ya, conference will be great! with my luck all the speakers will all talk about getting married and stuff like that. i think it would be great to be with you and randy for conference. with this whole divorce thing, it makes it difficult to make solid commitments though. im not sure if there will be any problem for conference, but i hope you understand that its difficult for me to make solid commitments because im not sure what dad has in his plans.

Dont worry, im not trunky. infact, its been fairly easy for me to not be trunky lately. i am working hard and i have agreat companion right now. so unless things somehow change before i get back i will let you know. but im pretty sure that is unlikely.

i also think that we should try to make a visit out there in Tennessee. i think that would be great. and i was also hoping that that time would be around the same time as the sealing of the Ross family out here. they are some of my converts from Raleigh. i think i remember her saying that she would friend me on facebook. so if you go on my facebook, and see if you can contact her so see when they are planning on going to the temple, that would be absolutely fantastic! man, im sounding pretty needy too. that would be a vey important thing for me. i also have some things that i will be sending back to you. so dont be suprised if you get a few packages of stuff in the next few weeks. i hope that your weeks goes well. i love you very much and hope to hear from you soon.