Elder Masulonis

Elder Masulonis

Monday, June 3, 2013

June 2 3013

Dear Mom,
im in a district right now where the sister missionaries havent had alot of training. the reason that is, is beacuse the only time that elders can give training to sisters here is during district meetings, and zone meetings. which has caused somewhat of a problem. oh and elders can't correct sisters. there just isnt very much communication between the elders and the sisters because president bernhisel is trying to avoid any of the missionaries from having inappropriate relationships with eachother since there are so many more sisters coming out. some of the problems that the sisters have been bringing up are, disobedience, laziness, and lack of knowledge of how to do the work effectively. i dont know if its like that in other missions, but its common in this one. so i keep praying that jessi will be trained well and that she will be able to start off on the right foot. i know that she will be a very good missionary. one of the biggest things that i could stress to someone preparing to serve a mission is to commit to follow with exactness their leaders and the lord. obedience is such a critical factor in missionary work. i think that ive explained my thoughts about obedience before though. so, onto the next subject.

shara was asking me about what names i thought were some good girl names, but i couldnt think of any because, well, im not really thinking of girls right now. but its good to know that i officially have a niece.

so this week i was given a challenge that i will have to show you in a little while. elder packard said that i couldnt drink 2 eggs raw. so i had so show him that i could. ( i guess there is still a little bit of kid in me.) he thought i would blow chunks everywhere. but i was able to drink them and keep them down. mom, ill tell you what, it is so weird that my taste buds are changing since ive been out here. i think that my tolerance for food has deffinately increased.

i cant remember exactly where we should be in reading the D&C backwards, but i know that im around section 129 too. i also found out that taybree is also going to do it too. i dont think she is going to read it backwards, but she said that she is doing it when i last heard from her.

that was so great to see randys picture. i sure do love him. he is such a great kid. i love it when you send pictures. they are the best. and speaking of the pictures, tell jessi that in her picture, she looked really pretty. but once you tell her that, realize that her looks wont matter as much for the next year and a half. speaking of which, does that mean that she will be getting home on christmas eve of next year? that would be an amazing gift for her. also if that wouldnt make her trunky, i would know what would. just kidding. i wouldnt want to wish that on anyone. is jessi al prepared and stuff for leaving on july? does she need to get her own bike? the sisters out her are often times on bikes. how that works, i have no clue. but evidently it works because president has it happen all the time. 

today we are going to go to a light house out at cape lookout. ive seen pictures of it all over the place so im pretty excited to see it. i will have to send you some pictures.

this transfer im going to be staying in morehead city. but surprise surprise, im going to be training...again. this will be my 3rd time training.its pretty crazy. i can kind of predict though that i will be getting transfered for my last transfer. i only have 3 left. so i will train for 2 of them, and then probably get transfered somewhere else for my last transfer.

i love you mom, i hope that you are able to continue to feel the spirit this week and that your testimony will grow. i love the atonement. i love my God. and i love you and the family.