Elder Masulonis

Elder Masulonis

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Elder Pettitt and i have been trying our very best to find new people to teach with virually no success. this has been quite the trial for me. but we have continued to be faithful through it. and as we have done so, this trial has been like a fire. it has been painful, constent but also purifying. recently i have had alot of very uplifting spiritual experiencs. i can feel that good is on its way for both of us. i know that god is ever watchfull over us and loves us more than we can understand.

Also on another note, let me tell you about the mission and how the mission is going to be changing withing the next few months. so by october, the NCRM will have a total of about 250 missionaries. a little over 60 of them will be sister missionaries. just so you can get a better idea of how big of an idea that is, before the new age change, there were less than probably 15 sister missionaries. also on top of us getting so many new missionaries, our mission is recucing in size by about 1/4th. we have 8 zones in our mission, but there will only be 6 zones after june. so there may be a chance that i will be going to the virginia mission. i will not know however untill the june transfer. so since there will be more missionaries and less space to put them in, that will mean that there will be an average of at least 2-3 stes of missionaries per ward. wow, that is incredible to think about. especially because in the ward im serving in and several others in the mission already have 3 sets of missionares in them. so i can only assume that in the future there may be some wards that have 5-7 sets of missionaries in them. crazy right? this will probably also mean that many of the zones will be split and there will become even more zones. all of this is so wild for me. i can easily say that in the future there will be new wards and even some new stakes made in this mission and probably even all around the world. especially since the mission i am in is one of the lower baptizing missions in the south east missions. it is truely incredible. my mind is being blown. its like the joking dreams that missionaries have about the work going so much better are comming true. its fun for me to play with the idea of how much this will effect the work. like just think that if each missionary in the mission baptized 1 person within the whole year, the total of people could just about make up a whole new ward. that being said, it is common for missionaries in this mission to baptize around an average of 5-6 people a year. meaning that within one year of this, there could very wel be many more stakes made in a short amount of time. i am so curious on how everything is going to work out.

Elder Masulonis

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Release date set!!

We just received a letter from Kent's mission president informing us that his release date is October 9th. I thought I would post this update for all those who are following his blog.