Elder Masulonis

Elder Masulonis

Monday, August 26, 2013

August 26th 2013 Pics

August 26, 2013

There are a few other things that i think i need to tell you... im not sure... but i wanted to tell you about this experience i had the other day. with this experience, i have to say that i have never in my life felt so much like the minority for such a long time in my life. Elder Brimley and i were going to contact some referrals we got and as we were riding our bikes down this neighborhood, i was realizing more and more that people started starring at us more and there were more and more Black people. so we kept of going and people were yelling stuff like, " hey white boys!" or "hey look! its the white boys!" i was baffled. i was like what in tarnation! this is crazy. well, ask we continued biking down the neighborhood, we heard some loud speakers playing and saw some smoke. once we got closer, we saw a huge block party. and everyone there but elder Brimley and i was black. there must have been a few hundered people there. it was crazy. and im not being racist or descrimanatory or anything, but that experience helped me see that the culture of white people and the culture of black people are different. nothing bad happened, but i have to say that for some reason i felt a little uncomfortable. they gave us some hotdogs and chicken though, that was nice of them. i wonder if that what balck people feel like in Idaho. :)
ya, conference will be great! with my luck all the speakers will all talk about getting married and stuff like that. i think it would be great to be with you and randy for conference. with this whole divorce thing, it makes it difficult to make solid commitments though. im not sure if there will be any problem for conference, but i hope you understand that its difficult for me to make solid commitments because im not sure what dad has in his plans.

Dont worry, im not trunky. infact, its been fairly easy for me to not be trunky lately. i am working hard and i have agreat companion right now. so unless things somehow change before i get back i will let you know. but im pretty sure that is unlikely.

i also think that we should try to make a visit out there in Tennessee. i think that would be great. and i was also hoping that that time would be around the same time as the sealing of the Ross family out here. they are some of my converts from Raleigh. i think i remember her saying that she would friend me on facebook. so if you go on my facebook, and see if you can contact her so see when they are planning on going to the temple, that would be absolutely fantastic! man, im sounding pretty needy too. that would be a vey important thing for me. i also have some things that i will be sending back to you. so dont be suprised if you get a few packages of stuff in the next few weeks. i hope that your weeks goes well. i love you very much and hope to hear from you soon.


Saturday, July 20, 2013

Pics for your pleasure. July 20-2013

mission buddy of the NCRM who i came out with. Elder Hewlett 
mission buddy of the NCRM 

Elder stauffer and i on the beach together for our morning work out. Don't worry, its allowed. 
Bet you've never seen a crab that big before!

here is one of the people that i interviewed for baptism.

Monday, June 3, 2013

June 2 3013

Dear Mom,
im in a district right now where the sister missionaries havent had alot of training. the reason that is, is beacuse the only time that elders can give training to sisters here is during district meetings, and zone meetings. which has caused somewhat of a problem. oh and elders can't correct sisters. there just isnt very much communication between the elders and the sisters because president bernhisel is trying to avoid any of the missionaries from having inappropriate relationships with eachother since there are so many more sisters coming out. some of the problems that the sisters have been bringing up are, disobedience, laziness, and lack of knowledge of how to do the work effectively. i dont know if its like that in other missions, but its common in this one. so i keep praying that jessi will be trained well and that she will be able to start off on the right foot. i know that she will be a very good missionary. one of the biggest things that i could stress to someone preparing to serve a mission is to commit to follow with exactness their leaders and the lord. obedience is such a critical factor in missionary work. i think that ive explained my thoughts about obedience before though. so, onto the next subject.

shara was asking me about what names i thought were some good girl names, but i couldnt think of any because, well, im not really thinking of girls right now. but its good to know that i officially have a niece.

so this week i was given a challenge that i will have to show you in a little while. elder packard said that i couldnt drink 2 eggs raw. so i had so show him that i could. ( i guess there is still a little bit of kid in me.) he thought i would blow chunks everywhere. but i was able to drink them and keep them down. mom, ill tell you what, it is so weird that my taste buds are changing since ive been out here. i think that my tolerance for food has deffinately increased.

i cant remember exactly where we should be in reading the D&C backwards, but i know that im around section 129 too. i also found out that taybree is also going to do it too. i dont think she is going to read it backwards, but she said that she is doing it when i last heard from her.

that was so great to see randys picture. i sure do love him. he is such a great kid. i love it when you send pictures. they are the best. and speaking of the pictures, tell jessi that in her picture, she looked really pretty. but once you tell her that, realize that her looks wont matter as much for the next year and a half. speaking of which, does that mean that she will be getting home on christmas eve of next year? that would be an amazing gift for her. also if that wouldnt make her trunky, i would know what would. just kidding. i wouldnt want to wish that on anyone. is jessi al prepared and stuff for leaving on july? does she need to get her own bike? the sisters out her are often times on bikes. how that works, i have no clue. but evidently it works because president has it happen all the time. 

today we are going to go to a light house out at cape lookout. ive seen pictures of it all over the place so im pretty excited to see it. i will have to send you some pictures.

this transfer im going to be staying in morehead city. but surprise surprise, im going to be training...again. this will be my 3rd time training.its pretty crazy. i can kind of predict though that i will be getting transfered for my last transfer. i only have 3 left. so i will train for 2 of them, and then probably get transfered somewhere else for my last transfer.

i love you mom, i hope that you are able to continue to feel the spirit this week and that your testimony will grow. i love the atonement. i love my God. and i love you and the family.


Saturday, May 25, 2013

Wildlife in Morehead City North Carolina

Kent and his companion hunted a rat down inside their place.  I'm sure it was a great adventure, but from mom's across the world,  we scream out NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

I think I will send them a care package so the rats don't look appetizing.

This is just,,,,,,yuck!!!!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

April 12 2013

Elder Masulonis has reached another milestone in his mission.  He has now valiantly severed for 18 months.  
Kent is a leader and teacher to other missionaries and had been an example of obedience. We have watched him grow into a man of faith and integrity as he overcomes challenges and feels the joy of serving the Lord and the fruits of his labors.   Kent has a testimony of the atonement and the reality and power it offers to all God's children.  We are very proud of Kent and the example he is to the rest of his family. We love and miss him and are very excited to welcome him home in 6 months.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Elder Pettitt and i have been trying our very best to find new people to teach with virually no success. this has been quite the trial for me. but we have continued to be faithful through it. and as we have done so, this trial has been like a fire. it has been painful, constent but also purifying. recently i have had alot of very uplifting spiritual experiencs. i can feel that good is on its way for both of us. i know that god is ever watchfull over us and loves us more than we can understand.

Also on another note, let me tell you about the mission and how the mission is going to be changing withing the next few months. so by october, the NCRM will have a total of about 250 missionaries. a little over 60 of them will be sister missionaries. just so you can get a better idea of how big of an idea that is, before the new age change, there were less than probably 15 sister missionaries. also on top of us getting so many new missionaries, our mission is recucing in size by about 1/4th. we have 8 zones in our mission, but there will only be 6 zones after june. so there may be a chance that i will be going to the virginia mission. i will not know however untill the june transfer. so since there will be more missionaries and less space to put them in, that will mean that there will be an average of at least 2-3 stes of missionaries per ward. wow, that is incredible to think about. especially because in the ward im serving in and several others in the mission already have 3 sets of missionares in them. so i can only assume that in the future there may be some wards that have 5-7 sets of missionaries in them. crazy right? this will probably also mean that many of the zones will be split and there will become even more zones. all of this is so wild for me. i can easily say that in the future there will be new wards and even some new stakes made in this mission and probably even all around the world. especially since the mission i am in is one of the lower baptizing missions in the south east missions. it is truely incredible. my mind is being blown. its like the joking dreams that missionaries have about the work going so much better are comming true. its fun for me to play with the idea of how much this will effect the work. like just think that if each missionary in the mission baptized 1 person within the whole year, the total of people could just about make up a whole new ward. that being said, it is common for missionaries in this mission to baptize around an average of 5-6 people a year. meaning that within one year of this, there could very wel be many more stakes made in a short amount of time. i am so curious on how everything is going to work out.

Elder Masulonis

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Release date set!!

We just received a letter from Kent's mission president informing us that his release date is October 9th. I thought I would post this update for all those who are following his blog.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Feb 18-2013

Ok so here is some stuff that has been happening lately.

this month we had a snow storm. this one was probably one of the biggest ones that ive had while ive been out here. there was only maybe an inch, so i bet you can guess how much it snows out here. i was trying to send you a video of the snow ans stuff like that, but the file was too big for the email. the snow out here scares everyone. and even though it only snowed like an inch, the next day, some wards canceled church and others like ours, combined and only did sacrament meeting. but of course i cant blame anyone for being scared about the snow our here. the roads are crazy, they dont have very much snow removal stuff, and everyone out here drive crazy any way. like it could be a hurricane and people would still be driving like theres not a cloud in the sky. so it makes me a little nervous to drive in bad conditions because of everyone else, but you do it anyway. looking back on it, its been so long since ive driven in snow that i probably have forgotten how to drive in snow too. speaking of driving, elder pettitt and i got a call this week saying that since elder pettitt doesnt have a drivers license, and there are going to be alot of new missionaries comming in soon, he will be getting a drivers license soon. the neat thing about it, is that i will be the one that will be teaching him how to drive. so i better do a good job if i want my son to live longer than me. hahaha:)

i got the package that everyone sent from back at home. i thought the shirt was pretty funny. there is actually an interesting story that goes along with me getting that package. so the right before i got that package, i was a little concerned for elder pettitt because he was feeling a little down because we havent had an investigator for a while now and it seemed like he was getting a little discouraged. so in my prayers, i felt like i should just pray for him with everything that came to my mind. and one of the things that came to my mind was that he would get some mail from home. and surely enough the next day to my amazement, he actually got a package in the mail that had letters from his family and everything. and in that same day, i got the package from you guys. so i found that the principal to be true that you cant help someone else without helping yourself. i also relearned that the things that are right for us and that we pray for will happen.

prayer has been one of my best friends lately. i have been praying harder this last week that i have in a long time. and its not just that we are going through a hard time. the big part of it is just that i feel like praying alot. its like the more you have faith, the easier it is too keep it going. i hope that things arent too crazy back at home. im not sure on whats going on. but i will be prraying for you and the family. again, i really liked the pictures. and i hope that things get better from whatever is happening back at home. i love you so much and i hope to hear from you soon. :)


Hi mom "look I'm a missionary"!

Mission Pics

Elder Petitte

Elder Masulonis & Elder Petitte

Look what the "Spirit" does to your face!!

Elder Petitte's paper talent

Feb 11-2013

Dear Mom,

so training so far is going really really well. well... kinda. my new companions name is elder pettitt. it looks like petite, and he is pretty petite, but its pronounced ( pet-it) like what do you do with a cat? you pet it. or you take it out to the middle of now where and leave it.;) oh and before i forget, yes i have gotten the package. i also got someting else that was really neat. it was a pillow case from people back at home. it didnt have a letter on it so i was a little confused, but it was really thoughtful and nice of everyone to to that for me. i put it on my pillow once i got it. oh back to the reason i said, well... kinda. so we have a great companionship together. it even reminds me of my compaionship with elder stauffer. which if you remember me telling you, was great and probably one of my very best companions. infact, i would say that he is my favorite companion that is still in the mission. my follow up trainer though, had a profound effect on me. anyway, the reason behind (well...kinda) is i feel like we are suffering the results of significant disobedience. since my last companionship went so sour, elder petitt and i are kinda rebuilding our area and we just had probably one of the worst weeks i have ever had in my whole mission numbers wise. we are working hard, but nothing seems to be working really well for us. that being said, we are working very hard, we are very unified, we have a good number of appointments ahead of us, and we have been striving to continue to make diligence and obedience and faith more of a part of our companionship than ever before. so, what good luck, what bad luck hahaha. its like the opposite of last transfer hahaha. i know things will get better though. because it was very similar when i was with elder stauffer. we stuggled at first, but i had the most successfull time with him by the end of out companionship. so, the way i see it, we can only go up.

story time.
so this week has been an adventure for my bike. so, i got the bike tires you sent me and i was working on switching them one day. so i took off the old tires no problem. but as i was putting on the new tire, i found that somewhere inbetween the time of taking off the old tire and putting on the new tire, my tube acquired a hole in it. so, i waited untill the next preperation day to buy a new tire. so, i bought the new tire from walmart and when i tried to pump it up, i found that it had a different kind of valve than a regular bike tube so i either needed to get an attachment for the new tire or a whole new tube to replace it with a correct valve. so we called up a near by bike shop and found out that they had all the stuff i needed. they had the right kind of tube and even the attachment. so i ended up going to the bike shop and bought a new tube with plans to return the walmart weird tube. and i also bought the attachment for future use if i needed it. so we got back to the appartment and started to put on the new tire and tube with the normal valve. and once i got everything on, and started to pump up the tire, i heard a hissing sound and found out that i must have done something wrong while putting on the tire. luckily i had the weird tire from walmart and the attachment to go with it. so this time i carefully put on the new tire with my last tube. i pumped it al up and no holes. thank goodness. so, now for the back tire. nothing went wrong and i was relieved that it pumped up and everything with no holes or difficulty. so, the next day we started biking outside and it was actually a little cold outside. and since it was cold outside, and i pumped my tires up inside where it was warm, it seemed like my tires needed to be pumped up a little bit. so we got out the bike pump, bought it outside down the 3 flights of stairs to our appartment, and pumped up my tires outside. and everything worked great. so, we worked hard that day and when it started getting dark, elder pettitt and i went home for some dinner and to plan. and as we were doing so inside the appartment and while we were talking, we were both startled by a loud pop sound following a long hiss. we were both confused by the sound and then realized, it was one of my bike tires. because i pumped up the air outside in the cold and brought it into the warm house, the air inside the tire expanded and my tire exploded by the valve. of course. so we quickly released alot of the air out of the other tire that was still intacted and saved it. so long story short, i went through 3 bike tubes in 2 days. and all that without trying. so today we will be going to get me yet another bike tube. if anything else, i am learning the hard way about bikes. i thought you might get a kick out of that.

i hope you like this lettter. and thanks so much for your encouraging comments. i love you so much and you lift me up and make my day every time. hope to hear from you next monday.


Saturday, January 26, 2013


JAN 20,2013

Dear MOM,

i love you so, so, so, much! i dont know what it is, but you have this tendency to be able to touch my heart even though the most simple things you say. like the ending of your email, when you reminded me about how everything that i will go through will be for my experience and good. that really touched me even though it was something that i already knew. in fact, its something that i tell investigators all the time. see mom, i did learn something from you;) things are a struggle right now, and i often focous on the burden more than the blessing. that being said, i am anxiously anticipationg transfers which are comming up. they will be the first week of February. im anxious because that will be the time when i find out how long thhis particular struggle will last. it a change happens this transfer, it could be really good. but if not, then i will have this struggle for another 6 weeks. we will just have to see what god has in store. if you havent read this talk , read it. its called mountains to climb. its one of my favorites. its from president henry b eyring. . i love you.

all of what i have just said in mind, we had a great week numbers wise. infact probably one of the best weeks i have had. the reason being, we had 4 baptisms. and that really neat thing was that i was able to do do two of the baptisms. and there is an ironic thing about the ages of the people i baptized. one was 13 and the other was 8. so one was the age that randy is, and the other is the age of the primary children that i taught. what do ya know. ill make sure to put on some pictures for ya.

this morning i finished helaman chapter 1. so i guess that means that you and randy will have to put the peddal to the metal. although, it sounds like you are recieving alot of revelation and inspirtaion read just where your at. i really liked your (Big picture thought) i agreee with everything you said. its probably pretty wierd to talk about, but i love to talk about that kind of stuff.

i love you so much. i cant wait to come back from after my 5 year leave. ;)