Elder Masulonis

Elder Masulonis

Monday, February 18, 2013

Feb 18-2013

Ok so here is some stuff that has been happening lately.

this month we had a snow storm. this one was probably one of the biggest ones that ive had while ive been out here. there was only maybe an inch, so i bet you can guess how much it snows out here. i was trying to send you a video of the snow ans stuff like that, but the file was too big for the email. the snow out here scares everyone. and even though it only snowed like an inch, the next day, some wards canceled church and others like ours, combined and only did sacrament meeting. but of course i cant blame anyone for being scared about the snow our here. the roads are crazy, they dont have very much snow removal stuff, and everyone out here drive crazy any way. like it could be a hurricane and people would still be driving like theres not a cloud in the sky. so it makes me a little nervous to drive in bad conditions because of everyone else, but you do it anyway. looking back on it, its been so long since ive driven in snow that i probably have forgotten how to drive in snow too. speaking of driving, elder pettitt and i got a call this week saying that since elder pettitt doesnt have a drivers license, and there are going to be alot of new missionaries comming in soon, he will be getting a drivers license soon. the neat thing about it, is that i will be the one that will be teaching him how to drive. so i better do a good job if i want my son to live longer than me. hahaha:)

i got the package that everyone sent from back at home. i thought the shirt was pretty funny. there is actually an interesting story that goes along with me getting that package. so the right before i got that package, i was a little concerned for elder pettitt because he was feeling a little down because we havent had an investigator for a while now and it seemed like he was getting a little discouraged. so in my prayers, i felt like i should just pray for him with everything that came to my mind. and one of the things that came to my mind was that he would get some mail from home. and surely enough the next day to my amazement, he actually got a package in the mail that had letters from his family and everything. and in that same day, i got the package from you guys. so i found that the principal to be true that you cant help someone else without helping yourself. i also relearned that the things that are right for us and that we pray for will happen.

prayer has been one of my best friends lately. i have been praying harder this last week that i have in a long time. and its not just that we are going through a hard time. the big part of it is just that i feel like praying alot. its like the more you have faith, the easier it is too keep it going. i hope that things arent too crazy back at home. im not sure on whats going on. but i will be prraying for you and the family. again, i really liked the pictures. and i hope that things get better from whatever is happening back at home. i love you so much and i hope to hear from you soon. :)


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