Elder Masulonis

Elder Masulonis

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Sept 23, 2012

So this week, we FINALLY found someone to teach. ive learned that missionary work is different in different areas of the world. and the work in Raleigh 1st in particular has been a challenge. im going to be honest, there have been times of discouragement here, but i have also seen alot of growth in myself here too. which is great because usually you cant really see growth in yourself. but when you are able to see it in yourself you know that things are really going well. the lady we found seems to been really prepared to recieve the gospel. we have only me with her once, and everything has gone great! she has accepted to be baptized on october 27th. she has made me and Elder Blackwell very very happy. things are really looking up here. we have been finding new investigators, and other things are really going well too.
You asked, "what is the difference between a district and zone leader". So lets imagine the NCRM. it takes up most of the estern half of NC and within those boundries, you have zones. zones are pretty much the work for stakes. and within those zones are about 8-15 areas which usually compose of one or two wards. now a district is a group of about 3-5 areas. and the disrtict leader leads the missionaries in that district and relays messages from the zone leaders and mission pres. so i tell the missionaries what the zone leaders and mission pres. are saying, keep them accountable for what they are doing, and i conduct a district meeting once every week which composes a lesson, an accounting session for what the missionaries have done to help the work and other stuff like that. now a zone leader acts as a district leader for all of the district leaders in the zone or stake. so they will keep us accountable for what is happening in our districts, they will conduct a zone meeting once or twice a transfer, or month. and they will relay information from the mission president to the district leaders and sometimes, all of the missionaries. so you break down a mission into zones, then disrticts, then areas. i hope that all made sense.

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