Elder Masulonis

Elder Masulonis

Saturday, December 1, 2012

November 25, 2012

Dear Mom,
Before i get into things too much let me give you an update on whats happening out here. right now we are teaching a good amount of people and 2 of them are lined up to be baptized on december 8th. (which is coming up pretty fast. but i am confident that they will be ready by that time.)

im way excited to hear that you have been making the video for a while. i was thinking abot what the video would be like and i could only imagine everyone just saying hi and acting all awkward because they were on camera. but hey, either way, its a great gift!

I had a dream that you and Randy were in it and we were all at gary's office. it was kinda crazy because it was like i was hiding from everyone.

I found out recently that there is a chance that i will be with Elder Gillespie for the longest time i have been with a companion. this is because with president cotterell, it was very rare to be with the same companion for 3 transfers. but now with president bernhisel, its become more and more of a common thing. does it seem like im getting new companions all the time or what?

oh i got my very first piece of chick mail recently. chick mail is mail from a girl that isnt related to you and is old enough that i could date when i get back. it was from someone that knows jessi. and it was kinda interesting to hear from her because she was just a friend of one of jessi's friends.  anyway, regaurdless of who it was from or what it said, i felt pretty neat getting my first piece of chick mail :)

Today i am getting my hair cut and usually on preparation day, we just play basketball. but the gym at the church is being used so we are going to use this day to do some christmas shopping. i hope i can remember everyone i need to get stuff for.

what is ijump? i guess i will find out when i get the video for christmas. oh which reminds me. im not sure if you remember last christmas and how everything that worked and stuff, but for this christmas, our mission president wanted all of us to give everyone back at home our personal addresses. so i will give you my address, but just remember that it may or may not change on the 18th. but my address right now is 4900 Edgerton street # 311 Raleigh North Carolina 27616

Love Elder Masulonis

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