Elder Masulonis

Elder Masulonis

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Feb 29, 2012

This a humorous thing Kent wrote about in one of his letters.

One night I was especially tired and fell right to sleep once I got to bed.  Evidently I was snoring because I remember that at one moment I was asleep and then the very next I was awake.  I was confused at why I was awake, and just like how dad talks half asleep half worried, I unknowingly asked Elder Johnson what was happening.  After asking him several times and after coming to my senses he said, "I'll tell you one last time, but you have to listen!" I woke up to my senses, he told me that he hit me with a pillow so I would stop snoring.  He laughed at my reaction.  After both of us realized what happened and how things happend, we both laughed uncontrollably. (Missionary giggles?)  I'm not sure on how much sense this makes but we were in the sage where everything was way funny because we were so tired.

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