Elder Masulonis

Elder Masulonis

Sunday, January 8, 2012

January 2, 2012

To help a worried mom, I'm fine, I'm eating, I'm not cold. My bike is working great. What happends if my bike helmet gets broken or if I get a flat? I dont have one or anything. One of the dogs bit it though. Not while it was on me or anything but I left it out one time and there are like one or two bite marks on it and it made me wonder. 
I'm not gonna lie though, missionary work is real hard. Sometimes I wonder what I can even do when I have a day that is less successful. Being on a mission puts you in a situation that really makes you rely on the Lord. The song I need thee every hour really applies to missionary work. I need him every moment of the day. I'm trying my best, but often it doesnt seem to be enough. When those days happen I find myself at my bedside at night and just praying for help, and somehow, im able to feel or see how things are alright. God does wants us to improve, but its not required to be perfect right now. Thanks for the words in your letters they are really encouraging to me. It helps me see that even though things are hard, God is helping me be better, and he has great plans for me. I often see myself less than what I realy am (which can be a form of pride) but I know that God can give me help. When its hard to see, that is just God asking me to have a little more faith. Anyway, thank you for writing and sending me all the pictures and everything you do for me. You do so much for me. Your the best mom ever. I really mean it. Im glad you are my mom.

Love Kent

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