Elder Masulonis

Elder Masulonis

Thursday, January 19, 2012

January 16, 2012

I haven't gotten home sick my entire mission and I'm not sure if I will, but I'll tell you if I do. We played tennis this morning and I aced a few serves.

So Daniel Becks baptism was great! President Crenshaw actually spoke at the baptism. With Daniel its kinda funny/ironic. He has overcame so much to get baptized. Everything from smoking and drinking ice tea, to just reading his scriptures and coming to church. But the funny/ ironic thing is, now that he has been taught and baptized, he wants to move to knoxville tennessee some time soon.

While I've been out here, I have seen something really neat with president Crenshaw. (I call him president because he just became the new elders quorum president last week.) One day, he was coming back home on a motorcycle and by and by he ended up crashing. He wasn't killed or anything, but he was beat up pretty bad. He had road rash pretty bad. Within the next day or two he got a blessing so that he could heal quickly and well. It was important that he got better soon because he basically flips / re-does houses, and in the condition he was in, he couldn't really do a lot of the work he usually did very well. Through his endurance and faith, he was healed and he was able to do his job. Within the past week or two, I've been reminded and learned more that sometimes the reason why we go through really hard things is so we will rely on Christ more. Hard times are learning opportunities. I saw a little girl crying because her feelings were hurt by someone and i thought, " grow up." This is not how our father thinks of us when we go through difficulties and struggles. He loves us. He knows us. He sent his son to live and die for us. He suffered pains and sicknesses of every kind. Surely he was a man aquatinted with grief. He suffered for us so that he would be able to know how to succor his people the best. He doesn't look at us and say " grow up." He KNOWS. He understands. He wants to help us grow. The things that we find of importance are also important to him and the good news is that he provides us with help. If we choose to humble ourselves before him and having faith in him, by reading our scriptures, by praying, by fasting, by going to church, by having faith, by having hope, by living like his son,and by helping others on their way, I know that he will help us. We are in every way, imperfect. This world and life is a time given so that we can become perfectED. So that we can then someday live with our heavenly father. To be able to have him say to us... well done my child. We will know that we messed up alot, but that we also ended up following the path he has provided for us, and thats what really matters.

I really hope that you guys know back at home that I love you and I hope the best for you. I hope that through life we can all rely more upon Jesus Christ who is the only way in order to get to God and happiness and relief. I know that he is the way and the light. I love him and I'm trying my best.

- LOVE Elder Masulonis

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