Elder Masulonis

Elder Masulonis

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Letter from December 18, 2011

Dear dad
I want you to know of how much I love you. I love you so much for working so hard for me and the rest of the family. I feel like I'm learning a lot. I'm coming to understand the atonement more and more. Even though I'm out on a mission, I dont consider myself the ideal missionary. I want to be able to have more courage and confidence with talking to people. At a recent zone conference, I felt the spirit tell me of things that I need to work on. They are, faith, patience, and humility. They all work together and are connected as im sure you know. I need more faith that even though I dont think I'm very good at speaking to people, the spirit will bring truth to their hearts. An apostle once said, "it doesn't matter who's lips are moving when the spirit is teaching." I need to have patience with many things. Things like, the work im doing, my companion, myself, and others. I need to show constant respect for each of these and more. I need to do as was said in general conference and wait upon the lord. which leads into humility. I need to understand that everything is in the Lords hands while I do my part. I need to be wanting to know what the Lord wants for me as much as I want air. Jesus Christ was and is our perfect example, and he never did anything that was directly for himself. Everything was for us. His humility to our fathers will, makes so that we can eventually live with him and those we love. Anyway, enough about how I need to be better. obviously, there is room for improvement for everyone.
It sounds like things are going somewhat normal around there. So for the christmas call, make sure that people have things to talk about when they talk to me, cuz I've heard that the call can be a little weird seeing that I'm focused on the work and not much else. I'm sending you guys something for christmas and i hope you like each of the things.
Well dad, none of us are perfect, and I know you see yourself of less than what others see in you. You are great. I've seen in my life of how great you can be. I love you. Show mom and Randy individual and tailored gifts of love and time. I know that at times life seems impossible. It seems like sometimes we get overwhelmed and discouraged. There are many books and people that show us the "pill" to fix the next problem, real healing from the trails and hurts that come in our life come from the atonement of Jesus Christ. I know this and have seen it in the relatively short time I have been on this earth. I know it works. It's true, life is not easy at all, and the trials with the atonement make us stronger and more prepared to meet our father. I dont know how much this is making connection in your life or if it is making sense. I know I am weak. I know all of gods children are weak in one way or another. Rely on the Lord, and he will be with thee. He will strengthen thee. and cause thee to stand. Find out what the lord wants you to do, and do it. I love you dad. You are a great example to me.


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