Elder Masulonis

Elder Masulonis

Thursday, May 3, 2012

April 8, 2012

Dear mom.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures I'm sending. This week was the first time I have been to the temple out in North Carolina. As for how I"m enjoying knightdale, things are deffinately looking up. We have schedualed several appointments with people that have some pretty good potential. One of the people I met was one of the examples of how hard life can be so I hope that we can help her. This last Saturday I had a special opportunity to spend some extra time with president Cotterell, but, its something that doesn't really happen very often so he told me to keep it on the DL. I'm not sure if he meant just within the mission, or in general so im going to keep my mouth shut about what happened just to be safe. But I can tell you this, it was really neat and I learned alot from it. It was a very unique experience.

I was on an exchange this week with my district leader (Elder Brewer) and we thought we would do something that we thought would be fun. We had heard that missionaries in the past had done this before, but niether of us had actually done it before. So we decided that night that we were going to drink some water that had epsom salt in it. I'm not sure what made us think that was a good idea, but we did it anyways. For your information, epsom salt is a laxative. So we filled up our cups and drank away, and let me tell you, if alcohol tastes anything close to what that did, I will NEVER have any. It may have possibly been the most disgusting things I have ever tasted in my life. If not in the top 10. So after our struggle of forcing down the rancid drink, we waited and talked for about an hour and a half. After that, we gained a personal testimony that drinking epsom salt water will surely clean out your system. I remember that one of us put it, "it brang the power of a raging bull to our intestines". Anyway, I wont go into much detail. What can i say mom? teen-aged boys can be pretty dumb sometimes.

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