Elder Masulonis

Elder Masulonis

Monday, November 14, 2011

Nov, 14 2011

This post from Kent is mostly answers to questions and comments that I (Lyn) had written him in a previous letter. Please take note that he wants more letters from extended family:)!!
thats super funny that you found some of my socks in weird places. i bet dad really likes em. i really did. they are good quality socks lol
ya we heard about those missionaries... we pray for them and their families allot. we also are very careful on riding our bikes. especially now. last night it got dark at like 5:45. its crazy. anyway, ya, we are doing our best to stay safe. and thanks for the prayers. i have been praying for you guys back at home too.
that accident sounds pretty bad! how is randy? were they wearing their seat belts? how fast were they going? was there allot of blood? what parts had to be replaced? anyway, im glad that we gave gary that car. we have used it up pretty well hahaha. btw you should either tell me how the extended family is going or to tell them to write me. i would love to hear from them. wow that sounds pretty needy and demanding.
well, your right, there isn't alot that you could send me for christmas hahaha. maybe some pictures of the family? or of the weather there. um a blanket? idk just be creative until i can think of anything else. maybe you could just get me stuff and it will be like two christmases when i get home lol jk.
mom, its so nice to be able to focus on the gospel. even though i dont see it all the time, i am really understanding the gospel better and better. i pray a lot that i can speak better. i seem to have to think a lot before i saw anything. even if its at the place i live. my companion is a real jokester. i think it frustrates him though that i havent gotten everything yet though. i pray that he can have patience with me. today i tried to think of him more than myself and a lot of things have been going better. we are fairly different people, but i know that the lord did not mess up on putting us together. god is watching over all of his children and is aware of each of them. mom i just want you to know that it means a lot to me when you said that you are proud of me. i hope i can bring honor to you and the family name. i will pray for comfort for you. i love you mom. and im so happy that you are my mom. i love you.
sincerely kent

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