Elder Masulonis

Elder Masulonis

Monday, November 21, 2011

Nov 21, 2011

Email from Kent. In it he is answering questions and responding to a letter sent to him.
Woww-e, that does sound like an eventfull week! Thats great that Jessi is doing much better. It seems like she is taking more initiative for herself. So what are you going to do with the Buick? 
Well, the weather hasnt changed very much here. Its wierd though, because sometimes when there is a day when it actually is cold, it feels alot colder than it is, specially when there is a breeze. Even though it isnt very cold right now, I could deffinatlely see it getting very cold. 
Ok so shame on me, cuz I havent really been taking alot of pictures. But I will try harder this up coming week and see what I cando to send some pictures next week.
Yikes, thats sorta scary, I bet daisy wasnt even expecting it at all. It kinda makes me laugh though hahaha.
If you could make sure that people know where to send stuff and how to get a hold of me, that would be great especially cuz its kinda a pain to retell everyone. Also tell people about the blog that is being set up. I'm sure that it is great and people would like to see it.
I wish I could see the blog that you guys are putting up, but my internet use is very limited. Baically email, lds.org and mormon.org are about the extent of things.

Some things that ive been thinking about for my christmas list are, a bottle of spontanious combustion, some really awsome ties, maybe a tie buddy ( ask jamin waht it is.) maybe a blanket or pillow case from home, LETTERS FROM EVERYONE. Jonathans address, some sweet basketball shorts, maybe a basketball, maybe an electric shaver, mints, candy. These are just some ideas.
The local food is pretty much that same as back at home. I hvent really had alot of sea food, or anything new... accept for hush puppies... the place that i had hush puppies for the first time was great. The people in the ward here are really nice and great strong members of the church. They suprise me in their strength in the gospel. The people in general though are fairly difficult. Probably not any different from anywhere else though. There are alot of churches here and people are pretty satified with what they have and aren't really open to new ideas. I hope as I get more use to being a missionary, I will learn new skills that will help me communicate what I know to be true better. 

Thank you for sending a good sized email :) I loved it! btw how did talking with ben go? was my last eamil of any value?
Mom I love you and our family, Im doing what I can to make Elder Kent Masulonis

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