Elder Masulonis

Elder Masulonis

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Nov 29, 2011

Sounds like you guys had an awesome thanksgiving, and yes, i did stuff my face. We were able to have thanksgiving with two different groups of people that were in the ward. The first was the turner family. They are great and faithfull members of the church. They are an older couple and have children of their own, but they have us over so much and treat us so nicely, that you would think that they were our grandparents. The other group of people was at a members house named the Ceases. They have kids that are in the youth and they are uplifting. Its nice to talk to the youth, I really enjot it... ;) 
Today, is obviously preperation day, and every preperation day, we go to play tennis in the mornings with brother Cease and his son and one of my favorite members, brother Crenshaw.( BTW I'm slowly getting better at tennis also) but today, it rained so we were un able to play. 
Right now, the mission is kinda going slow in more ways than one. Right now time is wierd cuz days seem like weeks and weeks seem like days. Its hard to explain and doesnt really make sense, but thats the best way I can describe it. But another way it is being slow is by the work itself. Right now we are meeting with one person regularly. He is a miricle to have but I feel like I want to teach people the gospel so much more. I think the desires in my head are showing up in my dreams cuz last night I dreamed about contacting someone that was really interested in what we had to say.
Thats so awesome that our family is doing so well, i would tell you to tell them good job on the descisions they are making, but im sure that the lord is blessing them in more personal ways than what i can tell them.
So this week was my very first exchange. I went with an Elder whos name is Elder Worthen. Elder Worthen is my grandpa in the mission. Meaning he is my trainers trainer. Anyway, he is very experienced and has alot of insight in his life. We went to a tiny little place called Harkers Island. And if you look it up, I'm sure you could find some pretty interesting history about it. Anyway, on the exchange, I was able to see a greater and more personal example of what kind of missionary I want to be like.
Yesterday, Sunday, someone said something that stood out to me and will probably help me make good descisions the rest of my life. It was about missionary work, and if I was at home I would probably just blow it off. But I hope this is not what you folks at home will do. But before I go on, let me bring to remeberence that everyone knows someone that is a none member or someone that struggles excluding themselves. So with that in mind, the thing that stood out to me that might be hard to accept is that the missionaies are for the ward, not the ward for the missionaries. Meaning that the ward members should use the missionaries as a tool for them to share the gospel more than the missionaries use the ward to share the gospel. Think about it, missionaries are 19-24 yr olds (usually) that are in an unfamiliar place. They havent lived there their whole lives and don't know the area as well as the members. So to who ever reads this I challenge you to pray and ask god who you should specifically help bring closer to christ, and then invite them to come unto christ. Whether that is by bringing them to church or family home evening, or yes, even invite them to be taught by the full-time missionaries. I know that as you do the lords work, your efforts will not go unnoticed. Your father in heaven will bless you with an abundance of his spirit and help in a specific way you ask for and/or need.
I don't mean to sound forcefull, but this is the Lords work. It has blessed me in so many ways in my life. as I turn and look towards Christ metaphorically, I am able to be healed and relieved. I hope that others can have the same heppiness that  I have been blessed to have.
mom thanks for sending me all that you do. i love you and the family and cant wait to see you again :)
Kent (Elder Masulonis) 

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