Elder Masulonis

Elder Masulonis

Friday, September 21, 2012

June 18, 2012

Doing missionary work in North Carolina is fairly difficult and is really pushing me to strive to obey the spirit and truely seek revelation. Without revelation, this work would be near to impossible. In one of the talks I have recently read and studied, the speaker who is a member of the seventy says that when we have true desires to recive specific revelation and act on those desires, the blessings of heaven are poured on us and the holy spirit is more able to influence our lives.  

Within the last week, Elder Stauffer and I have found more people to teach in a single week than ever before. A lucky week for finding new investgators would be about 2 or 3, but this week we have really been blessed because we were able to find 5 new people to teach in this week alone. I know that doesnt sound like much but in the south where seemingly no one wants to listen to you, its pretty good. I have been studying and learning alot about revelation, diligence and the spirit. Once on Thursday, we got told by and older couple that we were going to hell and that they knew that the book of mormon wasnt true and they didnt need to read it because they aready knew it wasnt true. After the conversation that we had with them, we felt pretty down, but then we went and read from the book of mormon and we found peace. I have learned that the book of mormon brings peace into a storm raged life, and thats exactly what happened. We read and we became more motivated than we had in our whole missions. It was amazing. As we went back out to serve god, this kid stopped us while he was driving and started to talk to us. He was baptist and his desire was to convert us. Good luck! We asked him if he knew about the book of mormon. He said that it wasnt true. Did you read it? No. The only way to know if the book of mormon is true or if anything we are saying is true is to try it out for yourself, to study it out and ask god. Moroni's promise is true for every single person in the entire world. If someone reads the book of mormon and prays about it and doesnt recieve a whitness that it is true it is because they didnt not ask with a sincere heart, with real intent, and with faith in christ that he will reveal the truth of it unto you.
Sorry if that was sounding like it was preaching to you. That is some of the message we share with others.
 i love you so much dad.

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